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We believe our digital heritage is necessary to build a more reliable future.

We live in an age when it is more important than ever to be able to find out where information comes from. is the tool to succeed in this. We are quite new to the internet world with, but our thoughts and ideas are based on experience and credibility. In the world today, we have created a huge digital society. A new society with special social habits, an infinite amount of interesting ideas and many different places of interest. In the same way that humanity through the millennia has created new cultures, we have now created the digital world. When things happen as fast as they do today, there is almost no time to breathe. Even less to look back on what happened and why things turned out the way they did. What was really true of what we saw, heard or read? Do they have a source that shows where the information comes from?

The journey around the earth begins with a single step. We know what risks there are on the internet today, and difficulty knowing what to really trust. We are always trying to come up with new ideas and improve our tool - - to meet the challenges of the future. Private person, company or organization does not matter, we exist for everyone. Together we create a more reliable world, where information can be derived as close to its original source as possible.


To create a more reliable world for all of us who populate it. Let's start believing again,
believing in the verifiable truth.
Let's create that world together.


We want to erase doubts in case doubts can be eradicated. Prevent the deliberate dissemination of fake news. Make sources more elaborate and easily accessible than ever before. Those who already refer to the source should do it more, those who do not do it should start.

What is Sourceio?

Advantages and features

  • Fast, free and easy to use.
  • Upload source content and snapshot website.
  • Unique URL to your object.
  • Secure to use and share.
  • Embed code with interaction to your sources.
  • Possibility to specify source for your source.
  • Reliability - Your sources are always there and are always available wherever you are.

For what purpose was Sourceio created?

Sourceio was created as a modern digital alternative to older reference systems. Here are opportunities that previously did not exist in this context. In addition to this, it is a tool in the fight against fake news.

Who can use this tool?

Sourceio is for everyone - And can be used in many different situations. It is for students, journalists, writers, companies, politicians and everyone else. Are you going to write your essay, your social media post or maybe write in your blog? Or as a company marketing you in a reliable way? As a politician increase your credibility? Use Sourceio, we are the future.

There are already existing ways of showing a source or references, why should I choose Sourceio?

Sourceio it’s a global tool to reach as close as possible to the truth in every single case it’s used. Anyone anywhere can use it in a lot of different situations, and you can do it both fast and easy. Try our unique functions, and why not even show the source to your source? If you want to make something more trustful and more serious, Sourceio is the tool for you.

Sourceio – The new way to handle sources.

We do not sell any user-data to 3 party or state or government.

We do not have have any political or state influence or standpoint.

We do not collaborate with authorities/government (unless there are criminal activities).

We do not have any hidden fees or cost.

We believe in social equality.

We believe in freedom of free speech.

We believe in information transparency.

We believe social equality.

Report bugs and issues to

[email protected]