How does it work?

Source users cultivate a reading resume by saving and sharing links through Source. The app allows users to find and follow friends and connect directly with others who share their interests. Source allows users to post and discuss different content with finely segmented groups, or keep links altogether private. As users continue to use Source, the platform intuitively learns reader preferences and guides them to new articles they’ll care about.

Who uses Source?

Source is perfect for anyone who reads online and wants a simple, organized place to curate and share the articles they read. It is ideal for professionals who track issues or media coverage in the course of work, educators and students exchanging ideas, industry groups collaborating on new projects or research, or anyone who just wants to nerd out on a niche topic.

What if I don’t care about news?

Source is the platform for anyone that wants to step outside the information firehose and engage with the topics and people that interest them. Whether your passion is coding or boating, Source is designed for curious, informed readers of all kinds - not just news junkies.

There are millions of places to find articles online - what makes Source different?

Social networks, online publishers, and aggregators are able to deliver lots of content, but make it difficult for readers to hone in on what they truly care about. Articles on Source are added, shared, and curated by users across a wide spectrum of topics and interests. This allows users to have the kinds of engaged, intelligent discussions that have become a rarity online.

I already have my go-to online news outlets. Why would I use Source instead?

You don’t have to stop visiting the sites you already like to make the most of Source. If you’re hooked on a media outlet or online magazine, keep reading it. Use Source to organize the articles you enjoy, share them with your group, or go back to them later on. Who knows, it might lead you to something new that fits your interests.

I have a lot of diverse interests. Can Source keep track of different topics?

Your grandma doesn’t care much about the latest news in mobile app development? Want to keep political articles hidden from your co-workers? Source’s segmentation tools make it easy to share and discuss articles with only the people who actually care about a topic, rather than the entire network. It might even save you from some awkward election-year conversations.

How does Source protect user privacy?

Source takes security and privacy very seriously. We do not share individual user data with third parties, and encrypt all traffic to and from Source servers. However, all online activity carries with it inherent risks. We encourage all users to select strong passwords and use good judgment with regard to the content they post.

How can I get my friends using Source?

You can invite your friends, colleagues, or classmates to use Source by email, or connecting the Source app to your Twitter or Facebook account, as well as to your phone contacts.

Is there anything we can’t talk about on Source?

Source is a free and open space to organize, share, and discuss the articles you read. However, Source does not tolerate any illegal, harassing, or threatening behavior on its platform. For more details on our content guidelines and the steps we take to address them, please see our terms of use.

How can I prevent my children getting access to inappropriate material on Source?

Our terms and conditions clearly state that Source is intended for users 17 and older. We encourage parents to educate themselves and their children on the uncommon, but potentially serious, risks associated with any online activity.

Is Source only for the U.S.?

The Source app will initially only be available in the US. However, the web version of Source will be available to users all over the globe. It is under development and is scheduled to launch soon.

Who is behind Source?

Source was founded in 2014 by veteran startup CEO Andrew Lindsey and former BitPay designer Pat Riley. Source was previously selected to participate in Launch Chapel Hill, a University of North Carolina-affiliated accelerator. Today, it is a member of the global startup incubator 1776.

Does Source have any political affiliations?

No! Source is for anyone who loves to read, share, and discuss online articles, regardless of their interests. Users come from all across the political spectrum.

I'm a Journalist, how can I use Source to promote my work?

Journalists, bloggers, and publications can also use Source to directly share stories with their audience, view reader trends, and gather meaningful feedback.

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